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Solutions for UK Booksellers

Edelweiss is an online digital platform and suite of services that allows booksellers to efficiently create orders, stay on top of new titles, access review copies, manage their inventory, and conduct targeted email marketing.


Built on a base of rich publisher-supplied data, Edelweiss opens a communication channel between you and your reps. It makes subs and new-title selection easy and efficient by streamlining purchasing and minimizing data entry.

  • Browse catalogues from hundreds of publishers, reviewing in-depth information about new books

  • Save searches based on publication dates, subjects, publishers and imprints to come back to any time

  • Work on online interactive title presentations from reps

  • Apply your own internal tags and notes to books (and invite your staff to do the same!) or use your tags or lists

  • Import orders to your epos, creating orders and title records

  • Automatically apply your section codes to import as part of the ordering process

  • Share orders with reps


Edelweiss Analytics

Gain fresh insights into your shop's performance. Monitor sales trends, benchmark performance, and increase turns with Edelweiss Analytics.

  • Identify overstocked and understocked sections, and then align stock with demand

  • Quickly identify titles that may do well in your shop based on sales at other indie bookshops

  • Track performance by publisher and category or track any group of titles over time

  • Stay on top of new and upcoming titles


Make it easy for your customers, who know and trust your recommendations, to discover their next read. Help them buy more books, more often, from YOU - whether they are in the store or online.

  • Targeted email marketing

  • Promote titles or events

  • Curated online stores

  • State-of-the-art eCommerce

  • Customer wishlists and reviews

Edelweiss360 is an add-on module to Edelweiss Analytics and integrates your epos data with title data within Edelweiss to create email campaigns in just minutes.

Get Started

Start by registering for your free Edelweiss account.

To sign up for Edelweiss Analytics, you will need an Edelweiss account first. Then add Edelweiss Analytics by clicking here.

We will work with your epos system to pull in your shop's data.

Analytic and 360

What Booksellers Say

"Ordering new titles using Edelweiss is a game changer. Previously I was selecting titles with a sharpie in the Buyers Notes catalogues we used to receive in the post. Then it would take up to a month for staff to manually input these ISBN's, in between serving customers at the counter. Now it's a whole different story. There is a wealth of information attached to each title to help with the buying decision. It really is magic!"

- Angela Pickard, Bridge Bookshop Ltd

Get Involved

Edelweiss UK warmly invites booksellers in the UK and Ireland to join our new user group on Facebook

Stay in touch to learn of new developments, events, best practices, and more!

Bookseller Association Community

Edelweiss Community brings users with similar interests or functions together to share book buzz. Now you can network with other booksellers across the UK & Ireland in a community only comprised of BA bookshops. Within your shop, activate sharing, learning, and organizing about books.

  • Write book reviews and share them with selected peers

  • Create lists of books to share with other bookshops

  • Get the latest buzz on new titles

  • Browse title lists shared by community members

  • Find the latest proofs to read

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Did you miss our Lunch with Edelweiss series?

Watch the recordings below to learn how to use Edelweiss to its full potential. 

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