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Increase Sales with Targeted Customer Email Marketing


A strong digital presence is critical for independent bookstores.

  • People spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes EVERY DAY on their phone.

  • 79% of people do at least some of their shopping online - and it's growing every year.

  • Amazon makes upwards of 35% of its revenue from its recommendation engine and email marketing.

Make it easy for customers, who know and trust your recommendation, to discover their next read at your store. Help them buy more books, more often, from YOU - whether they are in the store or online.

Edelweiss360 is FREE with Edelweiss Analytics. If your store already subscribes to Analytics, look for the Edelweiss360 icon in the top left corner of your Edelweiss homepage.

Bring your store experience to your customers' inbox with targeted email marketing

Efficiently promote recommended titles and events to targeted customers and then track conversions to sales

Campaign Builder
Drawing from your inventory and customer database, easily send customized eblasts about titles you love to customers who trust your recommendations - in just minutes!

Customer Management
View individual customer purchase history as well as queued title, event, and collection recommendations. Preview the email as it will be personalized for this customer.


Create attractive, targeted email campaigns in just minutes.

Using Campaign Builder

Edelweiss360 walks you through the steps to craft the perfect email. There's limitless potential! You could:

  • Send monthly customer newsletters with personal recommendations

  • Promote new or upcoming inventory in a certain genre

  • Promote inventory on sale

  • Share holiday or seasonal purchase recommendations

  • Share titles of local interest or by local authors

  • Promote events with author titles

  • Recommend lesser-known but great titles that they may have missed

How does it work?

Edelweiss360 takes title data and lists of comparable titles from publishers and combines it with your store's POS data regarding what titles you have on hand and on order. 

Next, Edelweiss360 looks at your customer data in order to intelligently match titles and events that each customer may love based on their past transactions or preferences.

You determine the content and timing of your email communications. Edelweiss360 makes it easy to bring the right titles to the right customers at the right time.

Customers receive a branded email from your store with personally relevant titles. They can click to purchase or may decide to stop by the store in person! 

Customer Emails

Every email is personalized and store-branded. Customers can click on a title to learn more and order if they'd like.

You have complete control over the frequency and content of emails. Monitor customer engagement and sales activity over time. Regardless of whether customers order online or stop into your store, you can track how many of your recommendations convert to sales. Customer information is not shared with any third parties.


What are independent bookstores saying about Edelweiss360?

"This is the easiest thing we've done that has the best results - by far - for sales. It takes us five minutes."

Jamie Rogers Southern, Bookmarks

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