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Solutions for Publishers

Edelweiss is a unique digital catalog platform that publishers use to efficiently manage their catalogs and review copies as well as their sales and marketing processes. 

  • Create customized markups and collaborate with customers on orders

  • Foster buzz and reviews of titles within the largest social networks of book professionals

  • Track activities such as views, shares, shelves, reviews, downloads, and orders

Additional Products

Edelweiss Analytics_Color.png

Your connection to over 500+ Indies. Stay a step ahead of sales trends, benchmark performance, and streamline workflows.

  • Daily sales reporting

  • Catalog performance analysis

  • Store-specific reporting and sales tools

Many features of Edelweiss360 are complimentary for subscribers of Catalog Services, including monitoring activity around titles and catalogs.

Premium features maximize the impact of sales and marketing by suggesting potential prospects, enabling outreach to targets, and improving workflows.

Edelweiss Designer allows publishers to design custom catalogs and collections using their own user-created templates.

Compare hours spent using current catalog compilation and design methods to Edelweiss Designer. Save time, money, and other resources.

What Publishers Say

"I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Edelweiss... I’ve been desperate for a one platform solution to bring together book information for all the publishers I look after. Edelweiss has more than helped and customers have already commented how useful it is for them too. As well as looking really good it has saved me so much time as well."

- Mike Lapworth, Independent Sales Rep

book professionals

180,000+ Book Professionals


Booksellers, including 4,000+ verified B&N employees and 7,000+ verified ABA store employees




Publishers, distributors, and sales reps




Media or agency professionals


Reviewers, readers, or other book lovers

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