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Edelweiss UK

We offer solutions that make the lives of book professionals easier.


Edelweiss is the book industry's platform to market, sell, discover, and order new titles. This plus our add-on products such as Edelweiss360, Edelweiss Analytics, and Edelweiss Designer, transform the workflow of publishers, booksellers, librarians, and reviewers.


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Confident Businesswoman

As a software company in the book industry, Above the Treeline, parent company of Edelweiss, is uniquely positioned at the intersection of books and technology. Both of these industries have historically lacked diversity.

The mission of Edelweiss Legacy is to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in publishing and technology industries.

We do this through investing in organizations that are already doing this work well, providing access through internships and scholarships, and amplifying under-supported voices. 

What Our Users Say

"Ordering new titles using Edelweiss is a game changer. Previously I was selecting titles with a sharpie in the Buyers Notes catalogues we used to receive in the post. Then it would take up to a month for staff to manually input these ISBN's, in between serving customers at the counter. Now it's a whole different story. There is a wealth of information attached to each title to help with the buying decision. It really is magic!"

- Angela Pickard, Bridge Bookshop Ltd

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Edelweiss is a unique digital catalog platform that publishers use to efficiently manage their catalogs and review copies as well as their sales and marketing processes. 

This powerful platform hosts the catalogs of all major US publishers, over 95% of the US frontlist, and is quickly growing internationally.

  • Create customized markups and collaborate with customers on orders

  • Foster buzz and reviews of titles within the largest social networks of book professionals (220,000+)

  • Track activities such as views, shares, shelves, reviews, downloads, and orders

Edelweiss 360_Color.png

Edelweiss360 for Publishers is an add-on module for publishers who currently subscribe to catalog services that allows you to:

  • Track activities such as views, shares, shelves, reviews, downloads, and orders

  • Use metrics and key indicators to improve sales and marketing effectiveness

  • Improve workflows and connect with prospects

Edelweiss360 for Booksellers is an email marketing tool that brings your store experience to your customers' inbox with targeted email marketing. Efficiently promote recommended titles and events to targeted customers and then track conversions to sales.

Edelweiss Analytics_Color.png

Stay a step ahead of sales trends, benchmark performance, and streamline workflows.

For bookstores, Edelweiss Analytics is an add-on module that provides real-time data about how titles are performing across independent bookstores.

For publishers, this is your connection to over 500+ Indies.

  • Daily sales reporting

  • Catalog performance analysis

  • Store-specific reporting and sales tools

Edelweiss Designer_Color.png

Edelweiss Designer allows publishers to design custom catalogs and collections using their own user-created templates.

Compare hours spent using current catalog compilation and design methods to Edelweiss Designer. Save time, money, and other resources!

  • Uses publisher metadata sent to Edelweiss

  • Share a browsable and universally accessible link to your creations

  • Create your own reusable templates to design sell sheets, catalogues, advanced information sheets, and more

  • So much more!

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Edelweiss Community_Color.png

Whether you are a professional in the book industry or just love to read books, Edelweiss Community is a fantastic, free place to connect with others sharing common book interests.

EdelVoice is an online publication and blog by book people for book people.

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