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Edelweiss is a unique digital catalog platform that publishers use to efficiently manage their catalogs and review copies as well as their sales and marketing processes. 


With over 260 publishers and 12,000 imprints,

Edelweiss is the book industry's platform to sell, discover, and order new titles

Edelweiss hosts the catalogs of all major US publishers and over 95% of the US frontlist. It's quickly growing internationally as well!

Catalog Services

Create customized markups and collaborate with customers on orders

Track activities such as views, shares, shelves, reviews, downloads, and orders

Foster buzz and reviews of titles within the largest social networks of book professionals

#1 Sales Tool for Publisher Reps

Create custom catalog markups for accounts

Communicate efficiently with your accounts and contacts

Manage orders, ARCs, and event requests

Create your own collections

Edelweiss360 for Publishers is included with catalog services.

What people are saying about Edelweiss

"I love it! It has all the info you need, great tools for bookselling and the best customer service! Any time you have a doubt, they get back to you ASAP! Best team ever!"

- Gloria Noriega, Sales Manager, PRH

book professionals

180,000+ Book Professionals


Booksellers, including 4,000+ verified B&N employees and 7,000+ verified ABA store employees




Publishers, distributors, and sales reps




Media or agency professionals


Reviewers, readers, or other book lovers

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