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Solutions for Reviewers

Discover New Books and Events, Access Review Copies,

and Connect with Other Readers

Select from two platforms with your free account

Edelweiss is a digital publisher catalog platform that includes robust B2B sales and professional ordering features as well.

Join Communities of Peers and Like-Minded Readers

Collaborate on lists of books, upvote your favorites, start conversations, and share reviews.

Find Your Next Favorite Book

Easily discover new books coming out in your favorite genres and manage your reading on your virtual shelves.

Discover and Attend Book Events

Learn about author interviews, panels, and virtual events for book lovers!

  • Search catalogs of all major publishers and never miss a new title

  • Receive alerts about new books of interest to you

  • Network with over 180,000 book reviewers and other book professionals

  • Download digital review copies and access reviews

What Reviewers Say

"I love how clean the look of communities is. The ability to find books so quickly, review and rate is smooth and easily accessible. I love finding like minded readers!"

Sandi Brower, Life is a Snap! Booking It With Sandra


180,000+ Book Professionals


Booksellers, including 4,000+ verified B&N employees and 7,000 verified ABA store employees




Publishers, distributors, and sales reps




Media or agency professionals


Reviewers, readers, or other book lovers

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