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Create + Customize

the ideal presentation of your

titles faster than ever before

Edelweiss Designer allows publishers to seamlessly create sales materials using metadata pulled directly from Edelweiss. 

Take your branding to the next level

With limitless design possibilities, Edelweiss Designer allows you to build templates your whole team can use to simplify the process of creating assets.

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One of the best developments yet

"Designer is an easy-to-use tool that allows anyone to create visually stunning presentations within Edelweiss. With Designer, you can create a highly customized PowerPoint or PDF presentation from any collection or catalog in a matter of seconds. Creating templates is easy and intuitive and they can be quickly customized for any customer. This is one of the best developments yet and truly enhances the Edelweiss experience."

- Andy Augusto, former Associate Director, International Sales, Penguin Random House

Compare hours spent using current catalog compilation and design methods to Edelweiss Designer.

Save time, money, and other resources.

Uses Publisher Metadata Sent to Edelweiss

Construct a Sales Presentation with the Ability to Present Directly in Edelweiss

Share a Browsable and Universally Accessible Link to Your Creations

Ability to Upload Additional Content (Export Prices, Additional Author Images, Etc)

Export Options for All Needs

Create Your Own Reusable Templates to Design Order Forms, Catalogs, Advanced Information Sheets, and More

All Fields Updated in Real Time with Data Feed So Materials Remain Current

Design Sales Materials with Your Own Branding and Style

Option for a Print Ready Version

Get the most out of Edelweiss Designer by checking out the tips and tricks on our new Designer Training Page.

Start Your One-Month Free Trial 

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