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Digital Review Copies

Generate pre-publication interest by sharing your titles with the largest audience of book professionals.

Managing Review Copies in Edelweiss is Easy & Effective

Marketing uses review copies to generate buzz and reviews. Sales reps use them to encourage ordering. They're a popular tactic used by publishers because they work!


Get your titles into the hands
of real influencers!


Booksellers, including 5,000+ verified B&N employees and 7,900+ verified ABA store employees




Publishers, distributors, and sales reps




Media or agency professionals


Reviewers, readers, or other book lovers

Digital Review Copies in Edelweiss

Manage review copies in the same place you manage your digital catalogs

Auto-approve certain types of users or groups (booksellers, librarians, B&N, ABA, etc.)

Send secure copies directly to readers or include in catalog markups for buyers

 Make your review copies private, public, or require approval.

Manage requests via email or in Edelweiss.

Reviews in Edelweiss.png

Users can share their reviews with publishers, Indie Next, LibraryReads, and more!

Edelweiss Reader laptop  (1).png

Easily browse through review copies on our web-based eReader.

Affordable, Effective, and Environmentally Friendly

Publishers who are already subscribed to Edelweiss Catalog Services pay a simple $105 annual fee to activate review copies and a $55* fee per title uploaded (discounts may apply). Audio review copies are included with your subscription at no additional charge!

Using Review Copies to Promote New Titles

Administrators from HarperCollins and W.W. Norton talk about best practices for managing digital review copies:

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