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Discover new books and connect with other readers, online.


What is Edelweiss Community?

This mobile-friendly site isn’t meant to be a replacement for Edelweiss but rather a simpler interface for book lovers without some of the B2B professional features found in Edelweiss. You might use it instead of or in addition to Edelweiss.


We're continuing to develop and improve Edelweiss Community based on user feedback! Send us questions or ideas by clicking the Feedback button in the bottom right within Edelweiss Community.



Which is the best experience for me?

  • Browse and search for new titles

  • Read, write, and share reviews

  • Discover and request review copies


  • Access publisher information pages and browse catalogs

  • Communicate with sales reps and professional accounts

  • Utilize B2B ordering workflows and tools

  • Access and leverage professional subscription services like Edelweiss360 and Edelweiss Analytics

  • Administer an organization's account and subscription services

Edelweiss Community

  • Join communities of peers and like-minded readers

  • Collaborate with other readers on lists of titles and vote on your favorites

  • Discover the most highly anticipated titles in your favorite genres

  • Discover new books coming out soon and manage your virtual shelves

  • Attend book events and start conversations with other readers

What Our Users Say

"I love the layout of the books in my category and discovering books I knew nothing about."

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