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Collaborative Consumer Marketing

Get your titles in front of loyal indie bookstore consumers while supporting the indies by sponsoring placement in store-crafted D2C email campaigns. 

What is it?

Edelweiss360 is a new tool that allows bookstores to efficiently promote titles and events to just the right (targeted) customers via email - and then track conversion to sales. In addition to achieving email open rates between 40-60%, stores are seeing significant boosts in online sales! With Collaborative Consumer Marketing, publishers can sponsor placement in these email campaigns.

Bring your store experience to your customers' inbox with targeted email marketing

Efficiently promote recommended titles and events to targeted customers and then track conversions to sales

High-Quality Audiences

Indie booksellers have spent years building databases of their customers - in many cases linked to actual transactions. These customers are exactly the highly engaged, avid readers that most publishers are interested in reaching. 

Mutually Beneficial Product Placement 

Edelweiss360 Collaborative Consumer Marketing compensates Indies for including a publisher’s titles in their campaigns on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis. The actual rate takes into consideration the quality of emails sent, the relative prominence of a given title in a campaign, and the degree to which the campaign is targeted to a subset of customers.


Edelweiss360 does the heavy lifting for both the publisher and the bookseller. Publishers simply elect to sponsor their publishing house’s titles in Indie campaigns. If they’d like, they can also offer special incentives for certain titles by applying a multiplier of the standard sponsorship rate. Sponsored and incentivized titles are prominently identified when booksellers are creating campaigns.  


Edelweiss360 is holistically able to track from open and click rates all the way through to direct sales conversions. Publishers receive detailed ROAS reporting on campaigns that included the publishers title(s) and how successful those campaigns were – both in terms of click rates and sales. 

How does it work?

Other than activating their titles with Edelweiss360, no action is required by publishers unless they'd like to "boost" certain titles. When booksellers are selecting titles for a targeted email campaign in Edelweiss360, the orange badges easily identify publisher-incentivized titles. As booksellers add titles and customers to their campaign, they can track the campaign's CPM rate, which is impacted by the number of titles and depth of targeting. For example, the CPM rate is higher for a cookbook-themed email campaign that includes only three titles that is sent specifically to customers who have purchased cookbook titles in the past.

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How to participate

This is a new program, and publishers have the opportunity to pilot while supporting the indies. These funds will be paid out to the booksellers if/when they feature your titles in their email campaigns. You will receive detailed campaign and sales reporting - at the campaign, store, title, and aggregate levels. Once the committed funds run out, your sponsorship will automatically end unless you chose to renew participation.

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