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Edelweiss Book Lists

The purpose of the Edelweiss Book Lists Project is to gather titles around designated themes and awareness months to share with booksellers and librarians. These title lists are timed around buying seasons with the intention of helping stores and librarians make relevant books available to their communities. 

Publishers can submit up to two titles per imprint for free to each list. Once reviewed to fit the theme, the title list will be highlighted on our site and in upcoming Bookseller and Librarian newsletters. View all the finalized lists here.

View all Edelweiss Book Lists from your homepage by adding the "Edelweiss History/Awareness Months" widget available under the Catalogs category:

Calls for Submissions

Calls for submissions will be sent out in the Edelweiss Publisher Newsletter two months prior to the list’s month (subscribe here). Each imprint is limited to two title submissions per list. 

Poetry for the New Year (January 2024) 

We are seeking books of poetry that encourage reflection, renewal, and restoration as we ring in 2024. We are especially interested in poetry from underrepresented voices. All publication dates are acceptable. 

Black Joy (February 2024) 

With this list, we look to emphasize Black joy and pleasure as a form of resistance. We are interested in titles that center joyous stories of Black life, creativity, love, and healing. All genres and publication dates are acceptable. 

Bibliophilia: Books about Books (March 2024) 

We are seeking books where the books themselves take center stage: stories about writers, readers, libraries, bookshops, and more. All genres and publication dates are acceptable. 

Eco Lit: Books about Sustainability and the Environment (April 2024) 

We are seeking environment-oriented or nature-centered titles of all genres. We are interested in books that tackle the relationship of humanity to the environment, explore climate justice, and envision new futures. All publication dates are acceptable. 

Motherhood (May 2024) 

For this list, we are looking for titles that explore motherhood of all kinds and in all its intricacy and nuance. Diverse perspectives on parenting highly encouraged. All genres and publication dates are acceptable. 

Pride—Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Voices
(June 2024)

To celebrate Pride 2024, we are seeking titles that center the trans and gender non-conforming experience. We are looking for books of all genres and publication dates by TGNC folks that celebrate the richness of the community. 

Edelweiss reserves the right to reject any title from these lists in its sole discretion for any reason. The team will evaluate all submissions for their appropriateness to the list theme and will not include titles that do not fit the brief as outlined.

More Promotional Options

While we share these lists with our bookseller and librarian users, we also encourage publisher to take advantage of our promotional options that draw attention to your titles on the site and on the list:

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