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Let Rock Inked Inc. help you get in front of Edelweiss' community of booksellers, librarians and readers.



Booksellers, including 5,000+ verified B&N employees and 7,900+ verified ABA store employees




Publishers, distributors, and sales reps




Media or agency professionals


Reviewers, readers, or other book lovers

Targeted Community Newsletters

Reach readers and buyers of specific genres (i.e. Fiction, YA Romance) or book professional groups (i.e. ABA members/IndieNext, public librarians/LibraryReads, B&N employees) by promoting your titles to Edelweiss user communities. These newsletters engage readers by highlighting new titles, conversations, collaborative lists, and events happening within the Edelweiss community. These newsletters have an average open rate of 35-40% and have multiple promotional options:

  • Featured Reviews

  • Author Spotlights

  • Banner Ads

Available Communities:

Edelweiss Community Targeted Ads.png

Prices vary based on Community size.

Featured Reviews in Community Emails

  • Available in weekly genre-specific Community newsletters

  • Must submit a professional 100-150 word count review of your title, jacket cover, and desired redirect URL


Author Spotlight in

Community Emails

  • Reserve space for an Author Spotlight, Featured Article, Podcast, or link to your website

  • Must submit 150 words of content, one 720px wide by 1080px high image, and desired redirect URL

Community Newsletter Banners

  • Top, middle, and bottom banner options are available for each Community newsletters

  • Banners are a way to make a visual impact in our Community communications. All banner specs are 600px wide by 150 px high

Let Rock Inked Inc. help you get in front of Edelweiss' community of booksellers, librarians, and readers.

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