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Limited Time Offer for Eligible* UK / Ireland Publishers

Sign up for a free trial and take advantage of Zero Digital Proof Fees Until 31 July 2024 

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Reach the real influencers at the right cost
Our community of book professionals are buyers, booksellers, and reviewers. Pre-approve and connect to groups of users including verified BA booksellers.

Slash your costs and reduce carbon footprint, all while expanding your reach
The cost to print, store, and mail 100 physical proofs: ~ £400​
Listing a proof as a Digital Review Copy where it can be downloaded 10 to 10,000 times : ~ £35​

Meet your audience where they work
DRCs live within the 'one stop shop' environment of Edelweiss catalogues and your title listings.

Ease of use and security 
No ereader or training needed. Users click to read or skim in our lock-tight web reader.

ELIGIBILITY: ​New or returning DRC customers only, with an existing or planned catalogue subscription.​ Publishers must be based in the UK/Ireland or oriented primarily to that market. If you choose to continue offering DRCs on Edelweiss after the free trial, uploads after July 31 2024 will be charged a one-time cost of $40 (USD) per title and an annual maintenance fee of $99 will come into effect on August 1st ​.


All digital proofs uploaded and made available within Edelweiss will be free of charge for eligible publishers. DRCs loaded within this period can remain available on Edelweiss for as long as you like.

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